Friday, July 16, 2010

No test drives.

I’m having a really hard time finding blogs to read. I was really into reading the deadbaby blogs for quite a while, and now I just can’t handle it. I still like reading infertility ones, but ones that are stillborn at full term, or even at twenty five weeks are just too close for comfort. I just can’t read them and cheerfully sit and feel my baby wiggle around all happily. Anyway, there seems to be a shortage of “everything is great! I’m having a baby blog! Hooray!” so here I am.

There’s been a customer that’s been coming in for a while. She was pregnant with her first child and around my age, so we were constantly asking questions of each other. She’d been gone for about three weeks and yesterday came in for the first time with her beautiful baby girl. And the whole thing, it was just amazing. I can’t believe that I’d just seen her mere weeks ago and now she had a whole baby in her possession! It was just so shocking and overwhelming. I asked her if labour was as she thought, and she said “not at all.” Like me, she was opting for no pain meds, but ended up with an epidural. She kept stating that she was glad she was open to it in her birth plan, because she couldn’t even imagine otherwise. It’s so… weird that this will be one of those situations that I have no idea how it will be until I get there. Sometimes when I have to somewhere for the first time, I’ll drive there beforehand to test out the route and to see what it looks like. I certainly won’t be doing that here!

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