Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not much

I’ve been in a funk and just haven’t really felt like writing at all. I feel fairly crappy about the fact that baby doesn’t yet have a room or a bed or a stroller or a car seat or a bathing suit. I realize it’s all just material crap that can be picked up in the matter of two days, but I still wish I was prepared in some way. So far she has a pair of slippers, two pairs of converse shoes, one pair of Toby’s baby shoes, one jean overall, and one hoodie. That’s not even enough to bring her home from the hospital! Whenever I bother Toby about it he says we can certainly go buy it, but makes the point that it’ll just sit in storage for the next four months, since we’ll be moving houses and are currently living with minimal stuff.

One productive thing that I’ve done this week: I signed us up for a prenatal class. It’s the day after my 28th birthday and less than fifty days before our daughter is born. I’m loving that my first child is coming when I’m 28 – I’ve always known it would be this way.

So, really nothing new and no news is good news when it comes to babies. She’s wiggling around and learning how to break-dance and I’m counting down fifteen more weeks of work!

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  1. It's good she has converse shoes. Probably would be a good idea to buy tap-shoes. I remember you were very good at tap-dancing, sure baby girl will follow your steps. Remember I'm arriving in September, and if you want, I can help with preparations.
    28 was always the magic age to you. I remember once when you're ~ 7-8 yo, and you knew you were born when I was 28, you asked how old I will be when you'll be 28 yo. I answered 56. You were surprised. Now you know, when baby girl will be 28 you will be 56. Love